Ardvreck Beagles and Pharaoh Hounds



Pharaoh Hounds


           Ardvreck Cornflower

(Bruadair Buadhmhor x Rosanka Gabor)



My family acquired our first beagle in the early 1970's. We later registered her as Countess of Cleveland (Tess). In 1975 my parents suggested that I would like to take Tess to the local exemption show. Little did we know at the time the trouble that would cause. The 'formal' pedigree show held little interest for me but I was thrilled to bits when Tess won the 'Sit up and Beg' class.


Tess, Florrie and Tia (1979)


My parents mated Tess to Bartek Baffler and we kept one pup - Lady Tia of Davistock (Tia). Tia was my first show dog. Needless to say she didn't make much of an impression on the local scene but she did serve as a useful apprenticeship. Around this time Janet Callendar (Burnhart) took me under her wing and proved to be an inspirational mentor. Over the next few years I showed Flurrie of Korwin (Florrie), Burnhart Flaxen and the home bred Legin Farmer.

I then had a short break to attend university. During this time my parents moved to Lincolnshire. Fortunately there was a 'little Lady that bred beagles' in the village. That Lady proved to be Marion Spavin of the World Famous Dialynne Kennels. I was fortunate to spend a few months helping out at the Dialynne kennels. The experience has proved to be invaluable.

Shortly afterwards I went to work for Jill and the Late Trevor Peak (Bayard). I stayed there for 8 fruitful years. During this time I had the pleasure of co-owning Ch. Bayard Adam - my first Champion. He was Top Beagle Dog - 1991 and won the Hound Group at Driffield.


Ch. Bayard Adam (1991)

I then had some more time out for my second stint at University. During this time I concentrated on showing the Pharaoh Hounds. In 2000 I handled Annavah Medusa, Beagle Club Top Puppy Bitch, 2000, for Lynda and Pam Havard before joining Jill Peak in partnership with the Bayard affix for a short time. During this period I owned Ch. Bayard Truthful and Ch Bayard Tenacity, the CC winners Bayard Orchid and the top RCC winning Bayard Goes All Day.


Ch. Bayard Truthful (2002)


Although I enjoyed working with Jill and the Bayard beagles I decided that I would rather try to breed and show my own dogs. Clearly this would be a dificult task and would require many years of work but it was an exciting and interesting challenge. I had noticed a lovely young bitch while judging the breed at Bath Championship Show called Rosanka Gabor (Phoebe). Several year later I asked Darren Fellows if he would be willing to let her ga and fortunately he agreed.


Rosanka Gabor (2006)

Rosanka Gabor
Rosanka Gould Nedlaw Challenger at Stormpasture Ch. Dufosee Capability Ch. Dufosee Vindicator
Ch. Dufosee Wild Flower
Nedlaw Pansy Nedlaw Huckleberry
Nedlaw Necessity
Rosanka Dietrich Ch. Dufosee Vindicator Ch. Dufosee Zenith
Tragband in Favour at Dufosee
Rosanka Bacall Ch. Rossut Ensign
Rosanka Bombshell
Dufosee Quintina Dufosee Acclamation Ch & Am Ch Pin Oaks Dynasty of Appeline Am Ch. Pin Oaks Ruffles 'n' Ridges
Am Ch Pin Oaks Kinderkai Sundae
Tragband in Favour at Dufosee Ch. Dufosee Influence
Ch. Too Darn Hot for Tragband
Dufosee Zena Ch. & Am Ch Pin Oaks Dynasty of Appeline Am Ch. Pin Oaks Ruffles 'n' Ridges
Am Ch.Pin Oaks Kinderkai Sundae
Ch. Dufosee Wild Flower Norcis Taurus
Ch. Dufosee Garbo


Phoebe's first litter was to Ch. Annavah Politician. I kept a dog (Ardvreck Bannockburn) and bitch (Ardvreck Bacall) from that litter.


Ardvreck Bannockburn


Her second litter produced Ardvreck Cornflower.


Ardvreck Cornflower



27th March 2010


My new puppy Rosie (Annavah Taurus x Dufosee Quintessa) arrived. Many thanks to Veronica and Ken for letting me have such a promising pup. Hopefully she'll make her debut in the ring in early August.






Dufosee Winter Rose

D.O.B: 27/01/10

Annavah Taurus Dufosee Archer Dufosee Jackson Dufosee Likely Lad
Janfrey Hazel
Ch. Dufosee Penny Black Ch.Dufosee Vindicator
Ch. Dufosee Wildflower
Annavah Tiger Lilly Dufosee Acclamation Ch/Am Ch. Pin Oaks Dynasty of Appeline
Tragband in Favour at Dufosee
Annavah Cherish Ch. Buttermere Clansman of Dialynne
Charterwood Verify of Annavah
Dufosee Quintessa Ch. Janfrey Chadwick Ch. Fallowfield Douglas Ch. Norcis Mouseltoff
Ch. Fallowfield Dilly
Ch. Dufosee Petrina Dufosee Likely Lad
Janfrey Hazel
Dufosee Magic Moments Dufosee Archer Dufosee Jackson
Ch. Dufosee Penny Black
Dufosee Lucille Ch.Dialynne Tolliver of Tragband
Dufosee Charming Lady


Ardvreck Ismelia (RCC) at 4 months old

Ardvreck Ismelia

(Dufosee Ikea x Ardvreck Cornflower)



Dufosee Ikea Ch. Nedlaw Barbarian Rossut Duster by Nedlaw Ch. Julemark Hotspur by Nedlaw
Casket of Rossut
Ch. Nedlaw Peggity Ch. Dufosee Vindicator
Nedlaw Pansy
Dufosee Rosalee Dufosee Connors Dufosee Hunter
Dufosee Gabrielle
Dufosee Tamara Dufosee Jackson
Dufosee Wandering Star
Ardvreck Cornflower

Bruadair Buadhmhor Macall Highlander at Bruadair Macall The Cats Whiskers
Macall Matchbox
Annavah Ciara at Bruadair Ch. Fallowfield Bouncer
Annavah Allure

Rosanka Gabor

Rosanka Gould Nedlaw Challenger at Stormpasture
Rosanka Dietrich
Dufosee Quintina Dufosee Acclamation
Dufosee Zena