Ardvreck Beagles and Pharaoh Hounds

           Pharaoh Hound Club Championship Show 2012


Pharaoh Hounds


Best Dog & BIS Naqada Shaken Not Stirred and Res Best Dog SWE/FIN Ch. Farao Anubis Golden Gait


34th. Championship Show

3rd June 2012



I would like to thank the committee and membership for giving me the honour of judging the clubs 34th Championship show. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t kind and all of the judging had to take place in the hall. Although the ring was made as large as possible it still had an influence on the presentation and movement of some of the hounds.
It has been a few years since I last judged the breed and it was encouraging to see some well filled classes and some new exhibitors but depth of quality remains an issue. The breed was very unfortunate in losing several of its top kennels in a very short space of time just as there was a relaxation of the quarantine laws. In recent years several top hounds have visited our shores to claim not only the top honours in the breed but also several impressive group wins. From this I can only conclude that world class Pharaoh Hounds do exist. Alas, their visits to the British show scene have been fleeting and their genetic input to British stock has been somewhat limited. To counter this there have been several imports to the UK although consistency in breed type has been, at best, variable and this is evident in the ring as I sometimes felt as if I had been asked to judge the AV Pharaoh Hound classes. However, I am not in despair. Indeed I believe that our beautiful breed as a bright future as the cotyledons of a fruitful and successful future are evident, provided frosts don’t wither the emergent shoots before maturity.
Front assemblage remains a perennial problem that does need to be addressed and is further confused by proposed changes to the breed standard. Firstly one hound would be out at the elbow only for the next one to be tied at the elbow. Many pasterns were too loose giving some interesting sights on the move whilst others were too upright giving the impression of being sound but not necessarily typical for the breed. Often the latter were accompanied by well arched toes and tight feet; lovely on a beagle but not on a Pharaoh Hound. Heads were very variable with very few having the classical planes and good chiselling was almost completely lacking. Some had an over pronounced zygomatic arch giving their owners a cheeky, almost basenji look. Others had skulls that were either too broad or, going to the other extreme, showing a pronounced sagittal crest. Each variation also had an effect on the eye shape, several of which were also too light. On a more positive note I was pleased to see that the overall size of the hounds appears to have stabilized with only a few pushing the upper limits and very few that were at the lower limit. Concerns that I had that over -angulation may be creeping into the breed are also unfounded and I’m pleased to see that the obvious appeal of a well bent stifle has in general been resisted in favour of the correct moderate bend of stifle. I am hopeful that with great thought and careful breeding the British Pharaoh Hounds will regain their reputation as great hounds and that once again people will want to import hounds from our shores rather than us being a net importer and that home bred hounds will be able to take the top honours in both the breed and group rings.

Special Beginners Dog (1, 0)

1. Lloyd’s Real Life Anubis of Athanasius (Imp SWE)
Very promising youngster with a pleasing masculine head and good head planes. Excellent ear set which he used to advantage. Good length of neck and well laid shoulders. He’s still a little immature and although he has a good depth of brisket he needs to develop a fuller forechest consequently his elbows are a little tied and this shows up on the move but this should improve as he grows up. Good topline but he’s a little too tucked up in underline but again this will come with time. Good hindquarters with correct angulation. Moved with style in profile carrying his head well and covering plenty of ground.

Veteran Dog

No Entries

Puppy Dog (3, 1)

1. Cutler’s Anharbn Don’t Stop Me Now
7 month old puppy with a good head and lovely expression showing a keen intelligence. Strong neck but I would like it to be a little longer. Good front assemblage with good bone and substance but the pasterns are a little loose. Good top and underlines and well angulated hindquarters. Although he covers the ground well on the move he is still a little raw coming and going. No doubt he’ll tighten up with age.

2. Belshaw’s Rayempet Memphis
A taller puppy that is probably up to size. Now that he’s grown up he needs to fill out all round and this will help him to tighten up in several areas. He has a lovely well balanced head with a strong underjaw, good planes and pleasing eye. The ears are of a good size, well placed and well carried. His front is straight but the elbow placement needs to be enhanced by a fuller chest with a greater depth of brisket. Good topline but currently there is a slightly excessive tuck up in underline. Good hindquarters with the correct angulation. I can understand why his owner wishes to show him from a wheelchair but it does have a significant and detrimental impact on his freedom of movement.

Junior Dog (3, 1)

1. Richmond’s Naqada Shaken Not Stirred
Very mature puppy brimming with confidence and conveying the qualities of being graceful yet powerful. Pleasing head although I would prefer a better eye shape and darker colour. Excellent ears and earset, strong neck leading to well placed shoulders, excellent front and correct feet. Excellent forechest and good depth of brisket. Elbows well tucked in and it was a pleasure to see them correctly used on the move. Excellent firm topline, well set croup & tailset. Strong, well muscled hindquarters with correct angulation. On the move he was a dream to watch, even under the restrictions imposed by the hall. His gait was free and easy with his legs clearly moving in line with his body and covering the ground without any apparent effort. A promising future is assured for this hound and he will love the space afforded to him in the group ring. CC, BIS & BPIS.

2. Lloyd’s Real Life Anubis of Athanasius (Imp SWE)

Post Graduate Dog (7, 1)

1. Dawson’s Lyncris Here Comes The Sun
Beautiful, elegent hound with a gorgeous masculine head with excellent planes, lovely expression and well used ears all carried with a self assured arrogance. Lovely neck and shoulders and excellent front but as with several of the youngsters he is still a little raw and needs to develop more body to finish the picture. He is also a little on the tall side for my taste but uses this to his advantage. Good top and underlines and correct tailset. Moves with a free and easy, effortless gait and should finish up as a top winner. His time will come.

2. Richmond’s Naqada A View To A Kill
Another promising youngster but lacks the maturity of his brother at present. However I do prefer his head and expression. Lovely strong neck and correct front assemblage. Good tight elbows and excellent straight front with good bone. Lovely feet. Pleasing depth of brisket and sufficient forechest. Very good top and underlines. His hindquarters need a little more time to strengthen up and he was a little unsettled and erratic on the move.

3. Bruty’s Annatefkah Baruti at Skybank

Limit Dog (1,0)

1. Belshaw’s Rayempet Ice in the Sun
Very elegant hound with a very pleasing masculine head carried on a long, but perhaps overly elegant neck. Good lay of shoulder and firm topline. In general he needs a little more depth of brisket and better development of forechest. Nicely angulated stifle but his hindquarters could be stronger. In profile he moves very well but is a little untidy coming and going.

Open Dog (4,0)

1. Westman’s Swe/Fin Ch. Farao Anubis Golden Gait
Sire to the BIS and RBCC winner and it is clear where they get their quality from. Most of the comments that I have written about the DCC winner apply to this boy as he is a lovely, strong masculine hound of great quality. Like his son I found his eye to be a little bit disappointing and for some unknown reason he was just throwing his front out a little on the move although I couldn’t see any obvious reason for this. Ultimately it cost him RBIS. RCC.

2. Simm’s Ezhar The Colonel’s Legacy ShCM
Super hound who is just coming to his peak and I’m sure he will be winning top honours before long. Pleasing head although I did find him to be a little too broad in skull for my taste. Excellent ear set and carriage. He is a strong hound of excellent size, lovely rich tan and in beautiful condition. Good strong neck but I would like to see it just a little bit longer. Well laid shoulders excellent front assemblage, good front and excellent feet. Correct depth of brisket and well developed forechest. Firm topline and correct underline. Strong, well muscled and correctly angulated hindquarters with a well developed second thigh.

3. Belshaw’s Ch. Lyncris Sun King of Rayempet

Special Beginners Bitch (3, 0)

1. Ashby & Cappelaere’s Talkaccatur Christmas Star Over Kurriera
Pleasing, feminine bitch of a nice type. Pleasing head but her eye is a little round. Good ear set and carriage. Good neck but her shoulders could be better laid. Overall I would have liked a little more substance. Moved the best in the class.

2. Lloyd’s Omorose Crystal Reflection of Athanasius
Pleasing feminine head, lovely expression and well used ears. Front assemblage a little steep and her elbows could be a little tighter as her front movement was disappointing. Her feet are also a little bit too long and insufficiently knuckled. Excellent top and underline with a good depth of brisket and well developed forechest. Croup is a little steep and tailset a little bit low. Hindquarters ok with moderate turn of stifle.

3. Kay & Shaw’s Islephar at Elderwand

Veteran Bitch (3,0)

1. Dawson’s Ch. Ezhar Rough Quest at Lyncris
I don’t think it is any secret to say that I love this bitch and I cannot fathom how it is that I haven’t awarded her a CC. She’s a real classic, elegant, graceful hound who positively floats over the ground. I just love her beautiful head and wish we could see more like her in the ring. She is starting to show her age a little but I still seriously considered her for top honours, above her daughter today that I have already awarded a CC to in the past.

2. Bruty’s Ch. Skybank Sabeka at She-Tera
Another quality bitch that could still hold her own in the open class. Lovely head with a keen and intelligent expression. Lovely fine ears well used. Good neck and well laid shoulders, super front assemblage and excellent topline. Moved very well.

Puppy Bitch (3,0)

1. Barrett-Williams’s Naqada For Your Eyes Only at Tyysgol
Another outstanding puppy from this litter and one that will also go a long way in the breed. Fabulous head, probably the one I liked the most from this litter. Lovely long, strong neck and correctly placed shoulders with an excellent front assemblage . Excellent topline but just needs to fill out a little as her underline was just a little tucked. Excellent bone and correct feet. Strong, well muscled hindquarters. She moved as she is built, with style, elegance and class. Certainly one to keep a very close eye on. RCC.

2. Westman & Arupa’s Remember Me Faranubis Bahaar
Another beautifully balanced bitch of a type I really like and my comments would be very similar to 1. In the end I just preferred the eye shape and rear movement of 1.

3. Cole’s Ta Skonju Regina Tal Lejl Tal Doucai

Junior Bitch (2,1)

1. Westman’s Farao Anubis Ikara
Lovely youngster, very feminine with a lovely head that would benefit from a slightly better defined stop. Excellent neck and shoulder and front assemblage with correct bone and substance for her size. Good depth of brisket and underline. Good strong, well muscled hindquarters. Moved very well.

Post Graduate Bitch (8,2)

1. Ashby & Cappelaere’s Lyncris Dizzy Miss Lizzy of Kurriera
Pleasing bitch of good quality. Lovely well balanced head and good length of neck. Shoulders could be better laid back. Good straight front but I would like to see a little more forechest. She is starting to body up but would still benefit from a little more time to achieve the depth overall. Pleasing, moderately angulated hindquarters. Moved very well.

2. Reeve’s Annatefkah Bennu
In many respects very similar to 1. Lovely type and full of potential but she also needs time to mature and deepen in body as her underline is too shallow and there is too much tuck up at present. She is also a little longer cast. Very pleasing head and expression with a lovely eye and large well placed and well used ears. Moved well but not quite as well as the winner.

3. Svaldenyte’s Islephar Pharie

Limit Bitch (7, 2)

1. Westman’s Farao Anubis Hallam Kahira
Very nice 17 month old bitch that is maturing nicely. Excellent head with pleasing planes, lovely eye set and colour and well placed and well used ears. Long and strong neck and well laid shoulders. Front clean, straight with correctly placed elbows, strong pasterns and excellent feet. Excellent top and underlines and strong well muscled hindquarters with moderate angulation and well developed second thigh. Moved very well.

2. Brooker’s Islephar Zebrina Barab
Looked a picture standing and in general was very pleasing to go over. Unfortunately she’s a little loose in one pastern and this tended to flick out on the move. Hopefully this will tighten up as she matures as she has great potential.

3. Lloyd’s Birkhall Bintanath of Athanasius

Open Bitch (8,1)

1. Parker, Stevens, Carota & Sipperly’s Am Ch. Hallam’s Gysai Kacey at Serenaker
Headed a lovely class with the first four all capable of fighting for the CC. Lovely type of bitch with classic lines. Very pleasing well balanced head. Lovely ear set and carriage, although she could be a little lazy in this department at times. Good long muscular and arched neck leading to correctly laid shoulders. Elbows are well placed giving her a beautifully balanced stance. Good straight front. Correct depth of brisket and well developed forechest, well sprung ribs and excellent underline. Excellent topline and correct balance of height to length of body. Lovely croup, tail set & hindquarters. Excellent on the move. CC & RBIS. I understand that this CC gives her her UK title.

2. Dawson’s Ch. Lyncris I’ll Follow The Sun
My only disappointment here was in having to place her 2nd. She, along with her brother, clearly demonstrates the potential of how good Pharaoh Hounds can be when UK and overseas bloodlines are correctly blended. I had the pleasure of awarding her her 1st CC at the tender age of 9 months and she has not let me down. Gorgeous head with an expression that shows what a free spirit she is. Excellent ear placement and carriage. Superb neck and very well placed shoulders. Straight front and overall excellent outline. Unlucky to meet the winner today.

3. Barrett-Williams’s Ch. Omorose Cosmic Kaskara For Tyysgol

Special Champion Stakes Dog or Bitch (1,0)

1. Barrett-Williams’s Ch. Omorose Cosmic Kaskara For Tyysgol
3rd in a very tough open class where she gave an excellent account of herself. Very pleasing well balanced outline and excellent mover.

Progeny (2,1)
1. Westman’s Swe/Fin Ch. Farao Anubis Golden Gait
Quality pups from this lovely dog including the BIS and RBCC winners. Need I say more?

Brace (4, 3)
1. Reeve

Team (2,1)
1. Westman