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Pharaoh Hounds


Ch. Tamilay King of the Romanies

Sadly I currently do not have any Pharaoh Hounds but I look forward to getting a puppy in the not too distant future.



I met my first Pharaoh Hound in 1985 when Jill and the late Trevor Peak (Bayard Beagles) stayed at Marion Spavins (Dialynne) home. That Pharaoh Hound was Ch. Twinley Queen Zulah - the youngest ever champion Pharaoh Hound in the UK. Watching her was like watching a dream come alive. Poetry in motion. Little did I know but later that year I would work for Jill and Trevor and of course Zulah. Zulah went on to become the bitch CC record holder in the breed.

I got my first Pharaoh Hound, Tamilay King of the Romanies (Romany), in 1992.

Do you think I'll be a Champion one day?

Romany turned out to be special in every way. A great show dog, he won his first RCC while still a puppy

Hear that Matilda? I've got a RCC!

and won CCs right up to and including his 10th year. I believe Romany is the oldest Pharaoh Hound to win a CC in the UK.

Ch. Tamilay King of the Romanies
9 CCs 6 RCCs

Romany was berd by Mrs M. Foley. He is by Ch. Merymut Aquarius x Ch. Tamar-Ra Princess of Tamilay.

In 1994 I decided to get Romany a friend to try and encourage him to eat a bit more. Ezhar Rag Trade had just had a litter by AI to Int Ch. Imerat Paroo of the Netherlands. This was a litter that was to go down in history producing 5CC winners. Four of these went on to become UK Champions. My puppy became Ch. Ezhar Sir Henry of Ardvreck (Henry).

Ch. Ezhar Sir Henry of Ardvreck
3 CCs 3 RCCs

Click here for Henry's pedigree

Both Romany and Henry are now retired from the show ring. My latest young star is also from the famous Ezhar kennels. He is Ezhar Russian Hero of Ardvreck (Hero). Hero has made a promising start to his show career, winning his first RCC at The East of England Championship show from the puppy class. Hero is sired by Henry's brother, Ch. Ezhar the Colonel x the only General Championship Show BIS Winner, Ch Surannon Summer Solstice for Ankors.

Ezhar Russian Hero of Ardvreck

Click here for Hero's pedigree

Is a Pharaoh Hound for me?

Choosing which breed is best for your family is of prime importance. Although the Pharaoh Hound is a very striking hound you must consider 'do you have what is required to live with this breed' . They can be noisy, you will always know when the postman has arrived. They love a bit of gardening and they can jump so a securely fenced garden is a must. They need plenty of exercise and thrive on attention. A bored Pharaoh Hound is an unhappy Pharaoh Hound and an unhappy Pharaoh Hound spells trouble. They are very good with children and will play all day.

Once you have decided the Pharaoh Hound is for you try and speak to owners. You can meet them at shows around the country or visit Discover Dogs at Earls Court London in November or Crufts in March. I also recommend that you try to visit the breed in it's home environment. You will almost always have to book a puppy. Most breeders will start to take bookings even before the bitch has been mated so do not expect to phone and pick up a puppy 'that weekend' . It is always best if you can see the Sire and the Dam, but this is not always possible. But always see the Dam with her puppies. Do not take a puppy if the breeder has not allowed you to see them all. Puppies that are already chosen by other people will be pointed out to you so you know which are the ones left for you to make your choice from.

The breed club can offer advice and help for owners and prospective owners of the breed.

Barbara Brooker

Secretary: The Pharaoh Hound Club.